Saturday, 17 November 2012

Where has my week gone?!

I don't know about any of you but sometimes I have those days/weeks where I literally do not know where the time has gone! Its Saturday already, and before I know it... it will be Monday again! 
I can tell Christmas is going to come around so soon, which I actually cannot wait for. Although working in retail at Christmas isn't the best, I'm still super excited. Speaking of Christmas I tried to go out and start my Christmas shopping on Tuesday this week, I had prepared my list and everything, feeling all organised...however it ended in a total nightmare. I got really stressed out as it was really busy and had just started raining and the shopping centre I was at is kind of outdoors, so I ended up going for dinner instead to this lovely italian restaurant called Piccolinos where I had the most amazing sea food spaghetti (pictured below) I really would recommend trying it if you love sea food, also they do other types of Pasta, Meats, Pizza and more.

The shopping centre where I went is called Cabot Circus, in Bristol. They had the cutest little German market it on, it was selling fresh doughnuts, mulled wine, hot chocolate and loads of Christmas gifts. They also all had there Christmas lights up which looked so pretty at night.

As always I'd love to hear your comments and what you have all been up too.
Emma xoxo

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