Friday, 4 January 2013

Better Late Than Never

Its weird, I obviously didn't forget it was New Year... but it just totally slipped my mind to make New Years resolutions! I've seen loads of stuff on other peoples blogs about theirs, and read things online etc but haven't actually put mine into writing... So here goes, you heard it here first!

1. Cut down the 4 C's - Chocolate, Crisps, Cake and Cheese!... Realistically I could never cut all of those out my diet (I'm a 19 year old girl, dir?!) so hence the 'cut down' NOT 'cut out.'

2. Say YES more. It sounds so simple and stupid but the amount of things I turn down due to laziness or purely because I'm sacred to try something new. I need to say Yes more to invites, opportunities and new things.

3. Cook more. As I do still live at home, my mum does tend to cook for me a lot. And if she isn't in then i'll just grab a ready meal or make pasta...(yawn!)
Its not that I can't cook I just can't be bothered most of the time, and more often than not i'm in a rush so don't have the time to cook something. 

4. Spend LESS (especially in Topshop!) and save MORE.... My spending on clothes in particular is literally ridiculous... my mum often says to me that Topshop should pay me in clothes, and I'll admit it is hard when I work there to not buy the clothes I see.... But I am going to make a concerted effort to spend less money and save more. (Don't actually see this going to plan but i'll give it my best shot!)

5. Travel. I always say to myself I want to go there, or ohh that looks nice, I want to visit there etc. So one of my new years resolutions is to travel. There are places in England I want to visit that I've never been to and are only a train journey away. A few places on my list to visit are; 
-London Zoo (yes I've never actually been there!) 
-Swindon - Sounds weird but I really want to go there! Its only like half an hour away on the train from Bristol. Apparently they have a great designer outlet so I think I'll need to visit around payday!
-Edinburgh - just because it looks like such a beautiful city, and flights there are pretty cheap if you book early.
-Newcastle - I have a friend who goes to University up there, and she is always nagging me to visit her, so this year there is no excuses I will go!
-Marrakech. Me and my boyfriend have spoken about going to Marrakech loads of times, it looks like an amazing place to visit. I've read so much about it, with all the markets etc, and apparently its quite cheap to visit. So its on the to do list as well!

6. Join the gym.... AND actually go! Last year I joined the gym for 6 months, and probably went like 5 times?! Its such a waste of money! Always my excuse is that I "don't have enough time"... what that really means is that I actually put of going to the gym and make other plans instead. The gym I go to is great, you don't just have to go on the running machine or do weights etc, there is loads of classes you can go to as well. So when I get paid (at the end of January) I will join the gym and GO!

7. Blog MORE. Recently due to just the big buzz and rush over Christmas I haven't blogged as much as as I would have liked to have done so this year I am going to put more effort in to my blog in 2013 and hopefully all my hard work will pay off.

I have general other achievements I would like to accomplish in 2013, such as getting a promotion at work (fingers crossed) and just generally be more focused and driven when it comes to what I want to do. At the end of the day, I'm the only one who can help the more you put into something your the only one who can benefit :)

I would love to hear any of your new years resolutions, post links in the comment box and I will check them out.
Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR... I hope that 2013 brings you all that you want and will be a successful year for us all.

Thanks again.


  1. You have such a lovely blog, i'm trying to spend less...however it doesnt seem to be working though haha. Following back, and thank you for the night out suggestions! xx

    1. Thank you :) I know and pay day is so so long away!
      Let me know where you go in the end


  2. Mine is to be more versatile with hairstyles! I'd like to travel more too :D

    I'm also from Bristol, and work in the mall! My friend sent me your link :) love your blog! x