Friday, 23 November 2012

Flower Garden

In contrast to my post about last week, this week has been the slowest week ever. All I can say it TGIF!!! (thank god its Friday!) Although sadly I'm working all weekend, it still feels good to be a Friday. I hope you have all had a lovely week. I've been meaning to do an outfit post all week but just haven't got round to it, so I do apologise. I will definitely do some more next week.
This outfit is very girlie, and I have to admit I'm not a massive girly girl but I just loved the collared blouse and the skirt just is an easy wear with any outfit. I've brought myself some collar clips which I actually LOVE! It adds that little bit of detail to any blouse or shirt, and is more subtle than a necklace. If you haven't got your hands on one yet, I would 100% recommend you do, or put it on the Christmas list! Once again, my outfit is head to toe in Topshop...its what happens when you work there!

Blouse - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - Vintage
Collar - Topshop

Let me know your thoughts please :) I hope you all have a much more interesting plans for your weekend than me!

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