Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Wish List.... So Far!

Well the C word... (Christmas) fast approaching, I thought it would only be right if I shared with you all my Christmas wish list... Never know hopefully someone reading has connections with the big man santa himself and can please let him know what I want.
I always think Christmas would be so much easier if people actually wrote wish lists, and told you what they wanted. Its far better than you buying people things they don't want and that get left to go dusty in a cupboard.

I have asked my parents for money towards a Pandora watch (click here to see.) I had a beautiful vintage leather one (from a charity shop) but the strap broke, I was totally gutted cos I'd had it for years. I've been watch-less for the last 6 months and its becoming a bit ridiculous because I'm always late to places, and I'm forever looking at my wrist to find out the time...which much to my surprise I see a empty wrist every time. I've also asked my sister for a bowler hat from Topshop (click here to see.) I do actually already have a bowler hat, I brought it of a little old hat at Portobello Market in London, but its too big for me so blows away nearly every time I wear it outside. I've already nearly had it run over by a car so I defiantly don't want to take anymore chances!

Would love to know what you all think of my Christmas wish list, and would be so grateful if you want to share any of your wish lists with me. Thank you... Until next time.

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