Thursday, 31 October 2013

Centre Parcs Getaway

I'm really not quite sure where the time has gone this month. I've been so busy and had no time to get on my laptop and tell you guys all about it. I've also had a few issues with my camera which restricts me to just using my phone to take my outfit posts so I'm sorry about that but it will be sorted soon (when I buy a new camera!)

I don't know if you remember me saying I went to Centre Parcs a week or so ago to celebrate 4 of my friends 21st Birthdays. It was such an amazing weekend, we had our own hot tun, steam room and sauna in our lodge. We went on bikes rides in the pouring rain and went to a hilarious roller disco where we were the oldest there by about 10 years! Over the whole weekend we ate so much (obviously I did no cooking what so ever!) There was this incredible pancake house where we went on the Sunday morning. I didn't want to come home at all.

An outfit post will be on its way soon. Thank you for reading.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Floral Bomber

So I had a pretty chilled weekend this weekend which makes a change. I've been so busy with work and away for god knows how many weekends now its quite nice to just chill out as much as I do love a trip away!

Next week I'm working away in Birmingham and then on the weekend I'm going away to centre parcs with a group of my friends. It's to celebrate 4 of my friends 21st and there is 8 of us going so I'm really looking forward to it, especially as we don't all mange to get together much with people being away with work/uni etc. I've never been to centre parcs either so I'm really excited.  We've hired a big chalet with a hot tub and were going to rent bikes for the weekend. Also there is a roller disco on the Saturday night which I can tell is literally going to be hilarious! I will defiantly do a blog post telling you all about it when I'm back.

Todays outfit believe it or not isn't anything from Topshop! Such a shock as I'm normally head to toe in it. The floral bomber I'm wearing is from Primark, I got it up in London a few weeks back and weirdly fell in love with it. What I love more is that it doesn't even look like its from Primark. The leather leggins I'm wearing are my favourite purchase from H&M, infact H&M are great for all types of leather items, I got an amazing leather skirt from there the other day for only £14.99! Bargain! 

Where From?
Top - Urban Outfitters
Leggins - H&M
Bomber - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Freedom by Topshop
Watch - Pandora

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, would love to hear what you've been up too.

As always, Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Afternoon Tea in Harrods

So a few weeks ago you may have remembered me saying that I was going to London to the theatre to see Matilda, which may I just say was amazing! I only went up for 2 days with my mum, but it was good to spend some time together because we both lead quite busy lives that we rarely get to see each other much...sounds stupid saying that even when we do live together! 

We spent the morning wondering around Chelsea before I had a surprise planned for my mum in Knightsbridge in the afternoon. I was genuinely shocked that I even managed to keep it a surprise the whole time as I do have a big mouth at the worst of times.

So I took her for afternoon tea at the Georgian Restaurant in Harrods. I'd never had afternoon tea before so it was really nice to experience it in Harrods (feeling posh!) I did take a few pictures but the photos don't do much justice! I'm sure if I went to Harrods everyday for afternoon tea the novelty would ware of but it was so so nice and I would recommend anyone to do it. The food and drink is also unlimited for the price you pay which was great however I was so full I couldn't even eat all of what we got given!

In the evening we went to see Matilda the musical at the Cambridge Theatre in Covent Garden. It was literally incredible! If I'm honest I'm not a fan of musicals but it was so good, the little girl who played Matilda can't have been older than 8, and she was the most talented person. Its a little pricey to go and see but really would recommend for anyone to go and watch.

Me and my babe of a mother

 Where From?
Playsuit - Topshop
Jacket - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Hat - Topshop
Tights - Primark
(literally just realised how embarrassing that sounds that I'm head to toe in Topshop... Need to start shopping else where!)

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Polka Dot

The sun was shining is Bristol over the weekend so I was able to get some snaps in the garden to make the last of what is the end of Summer. I don't actually know if the weather was quite appropriate to not wear any tights but I just about survived. The shirt I'm wearing I picked up from a charity shop in North London last weekend while visiting a friend, it was a bargain at like £3 or something similar, I've wanted to wear it nearly everyday since.

It was my friend Jades 21st on Friday so we went out on Saturday to celebrate, we all got wayy to drunk and I spent all of my day feeling sorry for myself in bed yesterday, but thats always a sign of a good night right?! Hope you all had a lovely weekend - would love to hear what you all got up too.

Where From?
Shirt - Charity Shop
Skort - Zara
Hat - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Nail Varnish - Barry M

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