Sunday, 25 November 2012

1 Month Till Christmas!

Heya everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and are truly getting into the Christmas spirit... After all today it is 1 MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS!! I feel like such a big child but I am really excited! Today I had my first glass of mulled wine...and I even brought a lush Christmasy dress from Topshop (where else?!) I will defiantly do an outfit post of this dress in the lead up to Christmas. I love the colours and the sparkles, although - warning... the glitter falls off quite easily, by the time I had got it home and tried it on my bedroom floor was already covered in glitter! 

This week I have been the most trigger happy person! I only got my iPhone5 just over a month ago, yet I am still Instagram obsessed (follow emmageorge_) I've been taking loads of photos of Christmassy things, let me know what you think.

Next Friday its my boyfriends birthday, so were popping into Bath where they have a Christmas market on. I've been there a few years ago, and I remember I had some hot chocolate, and there was loads of delicious food tasters. For his birthday I've also booked a surprise visit to Bath Spa, he knows nothing about it so hoping he'll love it. My mum took me there in September, it was amazing to just relax and chill out. They have a pool on the roof of the building, which will be so lovely a night with all the lights. I'm really excited just need Monday - Thursday to fly by... I will let you all know how it all goes.

Your comments, and thoughts please.


  1. hey you! I built that reindeer ha!
    loving the blog! eee one week until christmas!
    You look beautiful in all your piccys!


  2. or shall i say month! I wish it was a week hehe