Wednesday, 23 April 2014


So... I know its hardly the seaside but living in Bristol we really aren't blest with the prettiest part of the coastline, as much as Weston is a fun day out you wouldn't want to go swimming in the water!

Just a further down the coast to Weston-Super-Mare, is a newly built and up and coming town called Portishead - named after the band - of course! I had a harbour with restaurants and bars nearby and of course a beach! I always love coming down to Portishead and wondering along the rocks by the beach, of course after a nice walk always follows a trip to the pub!

I have so many 21st birthdays coming up this month, 3 just this week! Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night... I think by Sunday I may be ruined! I'm being dragged out of bed on Sunday and taken on a surprise day out by my boyfriend - so I will let you know all about it!

Where From?
Top - eBay
Jeans - 'Mom', Topshop
Jacket - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Watch - Pandora
Sunglasses - Rayban

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Weekend

So a 4 day week, followed by a 4 day weekend! What more could anyone want! I get to stuff my face with easter eggs and with a bit of luck I will receive the yearly traditional percy pig easter egg of my boyfriend (fingers crossed!)

I haven't got any major plans for the weekend, going to spend sometime with family and friends, and generally take it easy. What is even better is that the sun is set to shine for the whole weekend. 

Just a quick post today, I'm heading off to a friends for a BBQ. Hope you all have a lovely easter weekend.

Unfortunately its another one of those slightly embarrassing moments when I am wearing head to toe in topshop...literally! The only this which isn't is my sunglasses which are Rayban and my watch which is from Pandora.

Thank you all for reading.



Wednesday, 9 April 2014


So I've been a busy bee and am fortunate to have friends living in nice places, so I have once again have been jet setting! My trip this time was to Salamanca in Spain, its located west of Madrid and took just under a 3 hour coach journey from the airport.

My friend is studying out there for her year abroad at uni, so I dived on the opportunity to go and visit for a long weekend. I have been to Salamanca before but when I was a lot younger on a school trip, so it was nice going back too see what bits I could remember. 

Salamanca is such a beautiful town, with lots of historic buildings and is described by many as the Spanish equivalent of Oxford! There is river that runs through the centre of the town, which I spent many hours soaking up the sun. Its also probably one of the cheapest european towns I've ever been too, with tapas in most restaurants costing 1 euro! 

And thats a wrap!

Thank you for reading.