Monday, 12 November 2012

D.I.Y - Caviar Nails

I had a pretty lazy week last week with some time of work, so managed to experiment with some caviar nails beads which I've wanted to do these for ages. I think I must have seen it in a magazine and was desperate to give it a go. I'm telling you now its very fiddly and slightly time consuming. 
You can buy the sets (nail varnish and beads) which come in 3 different colours from here, but priced at £18 a set. I chose a cheaper option and brought some packs of beads off Ebay for less than £3 which come in over 15 colours - Click here to view.

I brought a pack of white and black beads, and had some nails varnish at home. This is how it turned out...

The white nails was the first colour I did, so as you can see it is a little on the messy side. I think that the white from close up looks a little tacky, and I did actually have a child I babysit for ask me if I had painted my nails in tip-ex...not the look I was going for!

This photo is much better than the other, purely because its taken on instagram (if you want to follow me - 'emmageorge_'.) I personally think that the black nails are much less tacky, and I have received numerous of compliments since doing them. I think the beads are much less subtle because of the colour, but yet still noticeable. 

Here is the video I watched on how to achieve your caviar nails - here.


  1. Paint one layer of nail varnish and wait for it to dry before applying a second layer where the beads will go.
  2. Push the beads down quite hard for them to stick. Or you will find you have lots of little beads falling off everywhere!
  3. When the beads have 100% dried to your nails, coat in a thick layer of clear nail varnish, which acts as a kind of glue so the beads don't fall off so easily!
  4. Enjoy!

Please let me know your thoughts or if any of you give it a go.
Emma xoxo


  1. I prefer the black ones!

    Sita xx

  2. Love this! Have been meaning to try out caviar nails for a while but they sound so tricky, I don't think mine would turn out as good as yours!!

    Love that you did this on a budget as well, so necessary in this day and age! :)
    Keira x

  3. Thank you for your comments! I would defiantly recommend you give it ago, especially if your into nails, its easier than it sounds :) and looks amazing, I had so many compliments! Emma xoxo

  4. I've been wondering about how people do these and they look really cool.
    A friend of mine does them as gel nails but they're such a pain to get off.
    I didn't know you could just buy a pack of Ebay!

  5. I love the black! It looks really cool but I totally couldn't be bothered haha!