Thursday, 31 January 2013

Decisions Decisions

Hey everyone :)
I hope you have all had a great week, mines gone so fast, and I have to say I am shattered. I am so excited to have the day off tomorrow to just chill out and refresh! I'm guna have a massive lie in, and going to have a clear out of my room etc. 
This weekend is my mums birthday and I went a bit mad in Lush and brought her some lovely smelling stuff as well as treating myself to some things (obviously.)

I don't know if any of you saw my Christmas Wishlist's but on one of them (click here too see) was a Pandora watch. I got some money for Christmas which I have saved to be put towards buying it... but I have a dilemma!? I went into Pandora the other day, all ready and set to buy the one I wanted which had a black leather strap... and I saw one in the same design but in silver. I was totally blown, I love the silver one too.
I wear a lot of silver jewellery, but then I guess the one with the leather strap would be for more day to day use... I really would love your opinions. 

Both Watches - Pandora
Price - £215

I really would love your feedback on which one to buy.
Thank you for reading :)



  1. It's a difficult choice... I love the silver one but I think you'll be able to wear the black one with more outfits, and on more occasions x

  2. I prefer the black one. It makes the gold pop more and you can wear black with anything.

  3. I love the grey one..!
    Clairemae x

  4. Ahh I like both but I agree with the other comments that black will go with more. I also think that the grey one might get dirty easily


  5. Hi lovely, thanks for following :) I much prefer the black watch - it's gorgeous! The contrast between the black leather and gold is really eye catching, and leather will probably wear better too and won't get dirty so easily! xx

  6. Oh if i were you, i wouldn't know which one to choose too. they're both great!Thanks for the cute comment and the following <3
    XOXO IRene

  7. I personally prefer the black one but the silver one is definitely more interesting:)! Lovely blog, now following:) x