Saturday, 2 March 2013

Primark Spree!

So today I took a daring (yes daring!) visit to Primark! I was dreading it as its a Saturday, and my judgement was correct - it was heaving! The ques to the fitting room were one thing, the ques to the till were another. People kept pushing into me and to be quite honest with you I lost my patience! Not forgetting to mention that one of the main escalators was broken so everybody had to que for a lift or use the stairs. I have to say I will not be going to Primark on a Saturday again!

Saying all that I did still manage to shop however! I didn't find much I liked in the clothes department, but being primark I still left the till having spent more than I expected. This is what I brought;

Primark is the only place I buy tights from, I always buy some every time I go. They are really cheap. £3 for the pack of three, or £2 for one pair (with a higher denier.) I always buy a size Large just because I'm quite tall and there is nothing worse than the crotch of your tights falling right down by your ankles!

I brought some pairs of socks like these a couple of weeks ago from Topshop, obviously they were a bit more expensive than these though. I think the frill on them is so cute. Priced at £1.50 a pair... Bargain!

I had seen this wall art in Primark before Christmas, but couldn't justify buying it. But just to my luck its now reduced to just £2 from £10! Steal! All I need to do is find somewhere to put it in my room now.

I'm still a big fan of collar tips this season. I have 3 already, but there is no harm in adding 1 more to my collection. £1.50 can glam up any shirt!

More tights! I had a pair of these before but warning they are so thin and snag quite easily. They are £2.50, and I think look great to jazz up a dress during the day.

Your probably thinking what a random selection of things to buy... But I totally agree, even the man at the till said to me "buying a bikini and tights all at once?!" I'm not going on holiday till August (going to Marrakech and Morocco) but I saw these bikinis and thought they were totally cute, and I know for a fact they won't be there when I go holiday shopping so thought I would be prepared. Thinking I can mix and match the bottoms with the aztec print bandeau. The set was £10.00, and the aztec bandeau was £4.00.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.
Thank you for reading.



  1. I can't wait to see more binikis in the shops ! I hope summer will come quickly ! Hum... but currently there is snow outside... I don't mind.

  2. Cool purchases, love the bikinis a lot!

  3. You got some great stuff! I always buy tights in primark everytime I go too. I really love the bikini!

  4. The socks are gorgeous and look so much like Topshop's! Such a bargain. Those bikinis have me wishing for holidays and sunshine x

  5. I bought some of those frilly primark socks today!

  6. Really nice bikinis, love to mix and match!x

  7. Ahhhhhhh - love the wall art!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing the collection. I like the socks with lace hemline. They are elegant and charming.
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    Thank you.

  9. Always nice to meet another Emma! You got some great buys - I am well overdue a wee trip to Primark (though it's called Penneys here in Ireland). Thanks for stopping by my site - I'm your newest follower xo