Saturday, 29 December 2012

Caviar Nails - Take 2

If any of you didn't know I'm quite a creative person and I always like to try out something new. For Christmas my sister brought me some more Caviar nail beads. I've seen and read up so much about these and it seems to be a new craze for nails! 
If you buy the nail sets directly from the Ciate website it will set you back £18.00, plus postage. In my first post about Caviar nails I chose to buy my beads of Ebay for less than £3.00 which was a much more reasonable. I don't actually know where my sister got them from, but as she's a just graduated student I can't imagine she paid much more that a fiver for them!

If you want to see my first caviar nail experiment post click here. It also explains how to apply the beads, for those of you that haven't tried it before.

Would love to hear all your thoughts - as always. Thank you.



  1. These look great!! Haven't tried the caviar nails myself yet but they always look amazing x

    1. Definitely give it ago, its not as hard as it looks :)