Thursday, 20 December 2012

Barry M Obsession

Hello Again!
I hope you've all had a loverly week, and actually managed to enjoy the lead up to the big day... highly unlikely I'm sure as many of you may be running around like headless chickens doing last minute shopping as we speak.
I don't know if any of you have noticed BUT I decided to give Emma's Box a new look... I really would love your opinions because personally I'm getting bored with it already, I'm not great when it comes to computers or the internet so I was impressed with myself I even managed to change the colour! I would be so grateful if any of you could help me think of a design or new look.

If any of you have checked out my 'week in Instagram' posts or follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I like to change the colour of my nails quite regularly! Especially in the lead up to Christmas with all the great range of sparkly nail varnishes there are in shops. My personal favourite is BarryM - their polishes are such good quality and they do AMAZING colours! Its not badly priced as well compared to OPI.

                                                          First Coat                                             Second Coat

Nail Colour - BarryM - Pink Saphire Glitter 246

Nail Colour - BarryM - Diamond Glitter 247

These have defiantly been my favourite of the sparkly christmas nails. Its a BarryM silver polish which is used - however 5 coats of nail varnish (I kid you not!) It comes out very light, with not much glitter hence the layering to build it up. Also when it came to taking the nail varnish off... I was literally working up a sweat, but thats no surprise really considering the about of nail varnish which was on.

Nail Colour - BarryM - Peach Melba 229&Pink Saphire Glitter 246

I have this nail varnish on currently as I'm typing away to you all. Its simple with the pastely pink, then just a little bit of glitter on one nail. I think I will probably change it again before Christmas day... maybe a glittery reddish colour. Defiantly calls for a shopping trip to buy a new nail varnish!

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As always please let me know your thoughts - you can also email me


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