Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Back to Routine

Hello all! 
I'm back! My plane landed last night in Bristol at 10ish, and I'm telling you now work at 9 this morning today was a struggle. Seriously lacking energy and needing sleep... However I had the most amazing time. 5 days went so so quickly, and I want to go back! Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, beyond the tourists, red light district and canabis cafes the city really does have its own culture. The architecture and history of Amsterdam is incredible. 
I haven't had a chance to upload the photos from my camera yet, so all of my photos are going to be off my phone/instagram, but I will upload camera photos soon.

I visited the Anne Frank museum which is actually in the old house of where Anne Frank and her family were in hiding. It was so interesting to visualise and imagine how they lived there for over 2 years in that exact building which today people travel from all over the world to visit. I'm not a massive history buff but its something which defiantly is worth a visit if you are paying a visit to Amsterdam. I also went to the Van Gogh museum, the famous Amsterdam flower market and the 'Iamsterdam' landmark. I also payed a visit to the famous 'giant chess board' and the Hard Rock Cafe.

I was also so lucky that is snowed while I was there! On the Friday I woke up with the view of snow falling out of my hotel window. It was so beautiful and Christmasy! As you can imagine that day it was freeeeezing, so my hat, gloves and scarf all came in dead handy.

Sorry this has been a short post, I'm going to do some more this week all about Christmas in Amsterdam, My outfits and Swedish House Mafia (obviously...the main reason I went to Amsterdam!)

Let me know what you think so far. Would also love to know is any of you have been to Amsterdam and what you thought.
Until next time.....


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