Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Power of the Flower

For those of you who read my 'Cheeky trip to Amsterdam' post (click here to view) you will know that I am jetting of to Amsterdam on Thursday. I am beyond excited! I've started packing my suitcase already... AND its snowing over there at the moment! 
I personally think Europeans do Christmas better than us brits, with traditional Christmas markets and proper decorations. I can tell after my short trip away I'm going to come back in my element of the Christmas spirit. 
While I'm there I'm also seeing Swedish House Mafia on the 7th of December, I got a conformation email through the other day about support acts, how to get there, dress code etc. For me its a big thing... WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!?! (suggestions please!!) There going to be filming high lights for their new video so obviously I want to look the part if I'm lucky enough to get caught on camera. I have these black and white striped Topshop shorts I thought I'd team with my leather jacket and boots, but the only thing is that I'm going to be freezing walking there but hot in there... decisions decisions! 

Sorry this post wasn't actually going to be about Amsterdam, but its just all thats on my mind right now! I have been meaning to do an outfit post all week.... so here you go!

Blazer - Topshop
Shirt - H&M
Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - Primark
Collar - Topshop
Nail Varnish - Rimmel, Barry M

I'm going to be doing a post about these nails within the next week so stay tuned to find out how I did it. 

This is the last post before I head to Amsterdam, I'm back on Monday (10th Dec) so I'll definitely do a post of the Tuesday letting you know all about my trip!

Have an amazing weekend (can't believe I'm saying this and its only Tuesday...crazy!)
Thoughts and comments please :) Also I would love to check out some new blogs so post a link and I'll check them out, Thank you.


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