Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday Outfit : Day Two and Three

Although this post is only the 2nd day of my holiday we lost the first day travelling so its actually the 3rd day but 2nd outfit post (if that even makes sense?!) 
Photos here are a bit rushed just because we had come back from a trip in the day around Marrakech before going straight back out in the evening. We met another couple who were funnily enough from Bristol and actually got the same transfer coach with us from Bristol to Gatwick, and the same flight but we only realised that when we were in Marrakech. Turns out they even booked the exact same holiday in the exact same travel agent... small word hey! Anyway we had arranged to go for drinks with them at a place called the 'Sky Lounge' which was recommended to us by our rep. When we got there it was just amazing, there was a pool on top of the building which had incredible views over the city. I drank this amazing cocktail called Marrakech by Night (when in Marrakech!) May I just add the photos below aren't actually the cocktails I'm talking about, they were pre-drinks in our hotel...ohhh the joys off all inclusive! 

Where From?
Dress - Glamourous
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Topshop
Watch - Pandora

Me and Jack at the Sky Lounge in Marrakech

After travelling 4 hours from Marrakech we finally reached Agadir which is where we spent the further 7 days of our holiday. It was by the sea... and when I say by the sea I mean I could hear the sea from our room it was just a stones throw away! The Hotel is Agadir was a lot nicer than in Marrakech but also a lot bigger. It had 3 swimming pools where as the other one only had 1. It also had 3 restaurants, an Italian, Moroccan and the Main Restaurant. The first thing we did when we got there was book a table for the Italian that evening, followed by a relax on the beach. Me and my boyfriend Jack soon learnt that it was quite normal to be sat on the beach and for a camel to stroll past, something I'm sure you can understand was quite a shock at first!

Where From?
Kimono - Topshop
Dress - H&M
Shoes - Topshop
Watch - Pandora
Earrings - eBay
Bangel - Shop in Paris
Hair Flower - Primark

Also just a quick apology about the awful quality of my photos in this post... it doesn't help for a start that my boyfriend is no professional photographer but also my camera doesn't work well in the dark at all, but fear you not after my next outfit post there was a clock change so all the photos from the rest of my holiday are done during daylight! Yayyy!

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  1. You always look wonderful Emma! I love your dress for when you went to the Sky Lounge! xxx