Friday, 27 June 2014

Twenty One, Part 2

So after spending a lovely 2 days in London for my birthday (see previous post for more details) the real celebrations began. On the Saturday night I had a huge party for all my lovely family and friends. I was so glad that so many of them had travelled so far and made all the effort to come and celebrated with me.

We had a cupcake and pic n mix table which was beautifully decorated by a friend of mine. A lady at my work made some of the cupcakes, which tasted amazing. There was cocktails, food and dancing! I had such a wonderful evening and danced the night away.

On the Sunday (22nd June) - my actual birthday I had such a lovely day sat in my garden eating and drinking with family. The weather is always so rubbish on my birthday which is funny as its in June, but for the first time ever it was sunny the whole day... Perfect! 

I was treated by many of my family and friends to an amazing mulberry purse! Very spoilt! I have wanted one for ages so was completely in shock and so excited when I saw the purse! I also found out that my boyfriend is treating me to a long weekend in Barcelona in 3 weeks time! Very lucky!

Thank you all for reading :)



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