Wednesday, 9 April 2014


So I've been a busy bee and am fortunate to have friends living in nice places, so I have once again have been jet setting! My trip this time was to Salamanca in Spain, its located west of Madrid and took just under a 3 hour coach journey from the airport.

My friend is studying out there for her year abroad at uni, so I dived on the opportunity to go and visit for a long weekend. I have been to Salamanca before but when I was a lot younger on a school trip, so it was nice going back too see what bits I could remember. 

Salamanca is such a beautiful town, with lots of historic buildings and is described by many as the Spanish equivalent of Oxford! There is river that runs through the centre of the town, which I spent many hours soaking up the sun. Its also probably one of the cheapest european towns I've ever been too, with tapas in most restaurants costing 1 euro! 

And thats a wrap!

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