Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Snapshots

Christmas is my most favourite time of the year, I lay about drinking mulled wine, eating loads of chocolate and watching Christmas films! I'm hoping that all of you had a lovely Christmas, and were spoilt rotten by Santa himself.

My highlight of Christmas this year has to be the fun and games after Christmas Dinner. Of course Articulate being first on the cards, literally caused hours of entertainment in my house especially after a drink, or two, or three, or four! If your not familiar with this in your family - go and buy it!

One of the main disappointments of my job is working all hours god sends around Christmas, sadly I pulled the short straw and Christmas Day was my only day off. However it did mean I had first dibs and the Topshop Boxing Day sale!

I haven't had a chance to do many outfit posts recently - mainly because there is a Christmas tree/twig in the way of my usual photo spot! However I thought I would share with you some snapshots around Christmas.



Thank you for reading.


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