Sunday, 3 February 2013


Many of you may already be questioning the title of this post. So I will explain... "Gurt Lush" is a common phrase used it Bristol (my hometown) just to describe something which is really good. I thought it would be a perfect name for this post as I went on an adventure to Lush - the handmade cosmetics shop. 
If you haven't ever brought anything from there I honestly really would recommend doing so, its all very reasonably priced and smells simply divine! All the staff who work there are so enthusiastic and fully knowledgable on all of the products.

I went in there on Tuesday just to get something for my mums Birthday, she loves the soap from there called 'Honey I Washed The Kids.' 
This is what I brought;

Soap - 'Godmother' - Lush

Someone brought me this soap maybe 2 years ago now, and I literally fell in love with it. I have been treating myself to it ever since. It smells like bubblegum, it makes me want to take a bite out of it. At Christmas they do a limited edition bottle of body wash which smells the same called 'Snow Fairy.'

Moisturiser - 'Dream Cream' - Lush

I was saying to the lady in Lush that I was after a good long lasting basic moisturiser, and she recommended this one for me. Its called 'Dream Cream.' It was priced at over £10 which is more than I would pay for a average moisturiser, but the lady said to me that you don't need very much of it to have effect. I have used it a few times since and she was right, it left my skin feeling so soft.

Soap - Honey I Washed The Kids - Lush

I brought this for my mum for her Birthday, its an absolute favourite of hers. Its smells like Honey, and leaves you skin smelling lovely.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have brought, or if any of you have made a trip to Lush recently either.

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Love the lush, love to try the dream cream!
    XOXO IRene

  2. Wow, that dream cream looks so good! x

  3. I so want to try this ^_^
    I just found you and immediately became member! I would really appreciate it if you'll visit my blog back :)
    Kisses and keep in touch ♡