Thursday, 24 January 2013

Moans, Groans and Loans

So my week has dragged like an unbelievable amount, I don't know about any of you but even though Friday is tomorrow it still feels like its a milestone away.
Although I'm super excited... Because its PAYDAY! Woooo! I'm going to go shopping and I have the most massive list of things I want to buy, including a Pandora Watch, I don't know if any of you read my first Christmas Wish list (click here too see) but its the watch on there. I got given some money for Christmas which I kept aside until payday when I could afford the rest of it... I've been watch-less for over a year now so I think its time to invest in a new one! Although I have borrowed lots of money this month off the bank of Mother... so my first priority is to pay her back :( boo!

I am just updating you with a few Instagram (follow emmageorge_) snaps from my week. I am going to do a post tomorrow on all the lovely things I buy! Cannot wait!

I ordered this shirt of Topman last week - I literally think it is BEAutiful! I love the flowers on it so just had to buy it. It was only £30, which is actually cheaper than most of the shirts/blouses on Topshop! I ordered a size XS and a S, just because I didn't know what size I'd be, and obviously the shirt is made for a man - not a woman! In the end I kept the Small, although its a little big. But it means that my boyfriend can wear it too! I am going to make him get involved in a Outfit of the Day shoot next week sometime to picture both me and him wearing it! Should be interesting to see how both of us would style it.

I have been watching the Great British Bake Off for Red Nose Day all week so it inspired me and my mum to do some baking - she baked - I decorated! I used plain butter icing and topped with left over christmas chocolate!

I went to Pizza Express yesterday and every time I go there without fail I have one of their amazing banoffe pies! If you haven't tried one before - I'm telling you now you really must :) In fact I am just generally I big fan of Pizza Express, they recognise me every time I go there! I tend to go there on a Wednesday normally because the main couses are BOGOF (buy one get one free!) as well as their dough balls! Yummy! Orange Wednesdays are the best! 

I feel like this is quite an embarrassing photo to post on here... purely because I am pouting! I never pout...but it just seemed quite right for the photo. I brought these Elton John style sunglasses off Ebay at the beginning of January and they arrived today! I'd actually forgotten I had brought them because the shipping had taken so long from across the world! But the postage was free, and they cost me £1.38! So so cheap, they are available in different colours as well - click here to buy.

As always I love hearing your comments and opinions :)
Thank you for reading.


P.S - To you students out there.... There is 25% student discount at ASOS now, and 20% student discount at Topman. Happy Shopping!


  1. Cute shirt ^-^
    I've followed back :)

  2. That banoffee pie looks AMAZING! I need to get myself to Pizza Express soon! :) xxx

  3. loooove love love your blog! new follower! x

  4. Love your shirt and it is so cute that you will share it with your Boy! I think it's super unfair that boy clothes is so much cheaper than girls stuff. It's because they know we will pay for it!!

    Did you get anything with the discount on ASOS?

    Em x