Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Its Been A Long Time

So its been nearly two weeks since my last post, which I do apologise about. I do normally aim to do a post more than twice a week, but over the last few weeks I have been working non stop and not had a minute to even think about my blog. 

Todays outfit is totally festival inspired. I'm starting to feel very envious of those of you who are jetting of to Glastonbury at the end of the month. When I've been out and about shopping recently all I see in shops is festival style clothing, Topshop in particular have an amazing festival trend at the moment.

So this morning I went to my weekly spin class, believe me now when I say its hard! I've been going now for about 6 months and it doesn't seem to get any easier, in fact some weeks I'm sure its harder. The weird thing is that since doing the classes I have done nothing but gain weight! I know that muscle weighs heavier than fat but when does it get to the point when you loose weight? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I promise it won't be as long from now until my next post! Until then... Enjoy!

Where From?
Dress - Topshop
Gilet - Vintage
Headband - Primark
Shoes - Clarks
Necklace - Vintage

As always I love hearing what you thinking of my outfit posts, so feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Woah, that dress is super pretty! Lovely outfit :) xxx

    1. Thank you, such a lovely comment.


  2. cute dress!

  3. I love your blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx

  4. love this! this is great!
    i love your blog!
    please could you check out my blog? would be an honour!!
    Its fashion Damnit
    Thank you!