Wednesday, 6 March 2013

MaxFactor Glossfinity Nail Varnish: Review

Just the other week while buying some more of my usual supplies from Max Factor I came across their new range of nail varnishes. They are called 'Glossfinity' - it claims to keep your nails glossy for up to 7days. The bottle is a considerable amount bigger than the normal sized Max Factor nail varnishes which is great as you obviously are getting more in the bottle.

The colour I chose to buy was called 'Flushed Rose' its a pink/coral/orange colour which I just thought was perfect for the lead up to spring/summer. And to my luck Max Factor had a 'buy one get the 2nd half price' offer on so I got it cheaper as well. 

I put on two layers of the nail varnish last Monday, and by the Saturday there was no chips or signs of wear. I was pretty shocked, especially as my job just ruins my nails normally. 
I am not one to 'slate' other beauty brands but I have never brought a nail varnish that doesn't chip off my nails before and I have a whole lot of nail varnishes in my collection.

I didn't actually keep the nail varnish on my nails for the full 7 days so it would have been interesting to see if my nails were still in such good condition the week later. But glossy nails for up to 5 days were good enough for me!

Nail Varnish - Max Factor (flushed rose)

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Have your tried the Max Factor glossfinity nail varnish?

Thanks for reading, as usual.



  1. Wow, it sounds great! I'm definitely noting this nail varnish range down :) xx

    1. I really do recommend it. Let me know what you think.