Monday, 15 July 2013

Blurred Lines

We did it! We made it through Monday, now only 4 days till the weekend, doesn't sound that bad?! It seems like a distant memory since I had my tripod in the garden for a outfit post in the sunshine! Its official summer is here, and I am loving every minute of it! I went down to the beach yesterday in Exmouth which is less than 2 hours away from me. It was so nice I ate ice cream and led on the beach and came home as burnt as a tomato (true brit style!) I even went for a dip in the sea, freeeezing cold!

I went to London on the weekend which I will update you on tomorrow, as well as the rest of my Paris photos. I've been so busy but have a bit more of a chilled out week this week so I'm going to spend some time on my blog, don't want you all to think I've given up on it. I am still going to continue to blog without a doubt!

The name of todays post actually has no relevance to the post what so ever... I just love that song and its forever on repeat in my head ha!

So todays outfit I'm feeling so girly, as always would love to know what you think. Also the sun was totally shining in my eyes so please excuse my squinting! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the sun as much as I am.

Where From?
Top - Topshop
Skirt - Zara
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Zara
Bracelets - Ebay
Earings - Shop in Paris
Watch - Pandora

If you want me to check out you blog, please leave the link in the comment box and I will have a browse. I always enjoy seeing new blogs. 

Thank you for reading.



  1. You look lovely Emma! That tee is such a gorgeous colour, and looks wonderful with your skirt! So so pretty! xxx

  2. Thats a cute outfit :)))

    XOXO Sandl

    1. Thank you, such a lovely comment :)